Curriculum Connections

Agriculture Compliments Curriculum

Subject Language Arts
  • Students will learn to paraphrase and discuss agriculture concepts
  • Students will learn to make connections among events, settings and people in agriculture.
  • Students will learn to ask relevant questions, and respond to questions related to agriculture
  • Students will use textual material to access information and do research using varied resources. This research can be used to teach students to present to peers ideas and information on a topic of agriculture
  • Students will have an opportunity to work cooperatively in groups
  Social Studies
  • Students will be able to increase their understanding of how important the land, environment and climate is to the agricultural economy of Alberta.
  • Students will be given a general overview of the Alberta agricultural industry which can be used to form an opinion of how agriculture is related and fits into the Alberta economy as a whole (agriculture as a natural resource can be used to help define and explain terminology).
  • Students will be able to infer about the different groups of people that are involved in agriculture
  • Students will learn to connect mathematical ideas to real-life situations
  • Students will use an appropriate calculation strategy to solve problems
  • Students will be able to develop an understanding of plant growth and how the plant growing season is important to the agriculture industry.
  • Students can use agriculture equipment to explore wheels and levers
  Health & Life Skills
  • Students will have an opportunity to make well-informed, healthy food choices
  • Students will learn to respect animals and will gain an understanding of where their food comes from

*** Curriculum information based on learning guidelines set by Alberta Education on Alberta Education website



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