Teacher Comments

Some of the comments we've received from teachers:

  • I have taught for a very long time and this was the best presentation that I have seen done by an outside group! They did an incredible job and should be applauded by your organization!!!! I won't hesitate to invite them back. Their passion for the topic was shared and embraced by the students. You couldn't help but share their passion for the industry. The students were eager to talk about it long after they had left.
  • Excellent program - meaningful because it comes from people who are involved first hand with agriculture
  • A great connection toward the understanding of stewardship for all things living and nonliving. The connection to local food was great
  • Excellent curricular connections and engaging
  • I love how this presentation shows just how comprehensive agriculture is. It opens their eyes to all of the different sides of agriculture which I feel is really important
  • The presenters were passionate about agriculture. The students picked up on that. The young presenters were articulate and patient with student questions. They were very personable and polite. It was a pleasure to have these young men in my classroom
  • It's great to have authentic learning experiences through presentations by individuals who are very family or work in this industry
  • Often guests don’t put a lot of thought about a grade 4 audience or the prep into engaging them. This presentation is engaging and the kids have their knowledge about agriculture and expanded beyond the scope of the farm. This was an excellent presentation they were engaging, knowledgeable about topic and grade 4 and to top it all off they were passionate about what they were doing
  • Great presentation / info on why agriculture is important / career opp. Students were really engaged during this presentation
  • It is a nice break from boring classroom routine and the students learned a lot.
  • It is interesting, students as well as I enjoy the program and learn new things
  • The students enjoy it so much and it covers/reiterates a lot of our science and health curriculum
  • Great video and dirt-making activity, great activity booklet
  • Our presenter was fabulous, had great activities, and my students were so excited! Definitely a valuable educational experience!
  • All students should see this program
  • Students were engaged and it brought the program to those students who've never been on a farm


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