Volunteer Comments

Some of the comments we've received from volunteers:

  • I just have to brag about the students and teachers I have worked with! This was the first year that I worked in three different schools, they were wonderful! The students were very engaged the whole hour, polite and great 'farmer helpers". The teachers were very helpful, kind and engaged as well. This was an overwhelmingly great experience at all three schools- made the nervousness beforehand worth it!!
  • The teachers always express how much they enjoy CAP! As a presenter this always makes me feel so great about being able to teach Gr.4 students in my municipality about where their food comes from.
  • CAP is an amazing program. The kids get a lot out of it. Having more producers participate would really help the program
  • I think everything was really helpful. I wish I had read the samples and by-products listing earlier.
  • I think CAP has done a great job at getting ideas and training for volunteers.
  • I use my own experiences and have access to plenty of seeds/samples at work. I talk about crops and their uses/by-products as well as weeds, what they look like, why we care, and a bit about their seeds because I've found gr. 4 kids are fascinated by the differences in the seeds.
  • It is truly a great part of working in Agriculture
  • More Volunteers so there is less classrooms per person
  • It was a good experience - the kids - new generations - had really good questions and seemed engaged! My zone coordinator did a good job to helping to figure out what to talk about - so that was all good! We got good feedback from the teachers also - overall a very worthwhile exercise for me!
  • I enjoy doing the CAP presentations and it is a good bridge between Alberta farmers and Grade 4 students.


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