What We Do

The Classroom Agriculture Program (CAP) started in 1985, since that time over 600,000 students have participated in our program. CAP is about the food you eat and where it comes from. CAP explains the value and importance of agriculture in Alberta. CAP highlights the vast opportunities in agriculture and the people, producers and industries that drive this trade. CAP is presented to grade four students across Alberta at no charge. Volunteers deliver the program through story-telling, engaging props and fun activities.

As Minister of Education, I recognize the ongoing efforts of the CAP program to inform Grade 4 students about the role agriculture plays in their daily lives.” David Eggen – Minister of Education"
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Farmers are a trusted source of information as consumers grow more interested in where their food comes from and how it is produced. I see that as a particular strength of the Classroom Agriculture program’s model of bringing producers directly into the classrooms…” Oneil Carlier – Minister of Agriculture and Forestry
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